Need an A-Ha Moment?

26 Oct

A friend of mine just messaged me asking for some healthy snack ideas.  I gave her a bunch, including the idea of an apple with some almonds, and her response to me was something like this:  “see when I want to snack, an apple does NOT seem appealing to me!”.  My response to her:  “Then you are not really hungry.”  Period.  End of story.  I encouraged her to think of WHY she wanted to snack.  Was she tired?  Bored?  Anxious? Stressed? Procrastinating?  She replied “YOU ARE GOOD!  I’ve been very emotional this week!”

A lot of time we THINK we are hungry, but it isn’t true hunger.  Give yourself a minute to think about why you want to eat.  If you are TRULY hungry, an apple is going to taste DELICIOUS!

Happy Friday!!


Be you <3

26 Oct


(though I’m not 100%, I believe this pic is from Brave Girls Club)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

25 Oct


I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries.  You?  If so try this:

1 scoop chocolate protein powder.  I use Chocolate Shakeology.

1-2 cups frozen (unsweetened) strawberries

12-16 oz almond-coconut milk

splash of real coconut milk (the kind from a can)

Blend and ENJOY!!!!!  It’s heavenly, I promise 🙂

4 Reasons Why NOT To Do The Ultimate Reset

25 Oct

Ultimate Reset?  Read all about this gentle 21 day detox here.  Now here are some reasons why you SHOULDN’T do it:

1.  You are looking for a quick fix and have no intention of changing your lifestyle.  Sure you may lose 10 lbs or more in 3 weeks, but you will just gain it all back if you go back to an unhealthy diet.

2.  You are not willing to follow the program 100%.  The only way to fully maximize your results is to follow the program the way it was intended.

3.  You are not willing to give up strenuous exercise for 3 weeks.  You may engage in brisk walks, gentle yoga,or Tai Chi, but beyond that is off limits.

4.  You are not willing to spend some QUALITY time in the kitchen preparing meals.  This is no Jenny Craig solution.  Meals will NOT be prepared for you.  You will receive a list of ingredients needed each week, and a full cookbook for all of the meals for 21 days.  You do have to put in the work.  Fortunately, if you look ahead, you will see that many meals are repeated for 2 days (ie, one for dinner and then repeated for lunch the next day), so that you can double the recipe and make less work for yourself.  Also, it is easy enough to prep meals in advance, make them in advance and just bring them to work etc.

The bottom line is that The Ultimate Reset isn’t some pre-packaged meal plan that is going to shred fat fast and detox you.  Yes, you will lean out in ways you never expected, but you are going to have to work for it.  And it can be challenging!  Not only that, but this isn’t meant to be a weight loss solution.  Again, you will most likely lose a nice chunk of weight, but what needs to be realized is that some of that is water.  If you go back to a processed diet, guess what’s gonna happen?!  There is a great reintroduction plan for the 3 weeks following the Reset that should NOT be discounted when deciding to do this program.  Don’t think that after 21 days you are going to go back to your old ways and maintain the effects of this detox. BUT, if you DO as suggested, you will reap the rewards of continuing to detox and cleanse and get lean.

Lastly, if you DO choose to do this program, you will need support.  There is a great Facebook group that I will connect you to.  There are many graduates that maintain the group and lots of others who will be going through the same challenges with you.


Fit Find’s First Free Giveaway!!!

21 Oct

Nikki’s FitFinds is having it’s first FREE GIVEAWAY!!!  It’s a new product.  One that will measure your steps take, calories burned and distance.  You can sync it up with your smartphone or computer.  You can even sync it with My Fitness Pal and other apps to have a full picture of calories in and calories out.  Once my facebook page gets to 100 “likes” I will put all followers into the contest automatically and randomly choose the winner!!  So share my page friends (if you wish)!

Free Giveaway–Fitbit Zip!!

Come on over and join the fun!  Fit Finds!

11 Nice Ways to Say ‘No’ to Food Pushers

21 Oct

You know how it goes.  You are soooo on track.  You are determined.  You are working toward your goals.  and BOOM, you go to some social event and you’ve got someone who seems like all they want to do is sabotage your efforts.  “You’ve got to live a little”, “can’t eat like that ALL the time”, “once in a while its ok”….well for me guess what, this is my lifestyle.  I eat the way I eat because it makes me feel GOOD.  and “once in a while”….well…think about all of the “special occasions” there are in a year…..gotta draw the line!!  Not every social event is a “special occasion!” My sister in law once said to me “it’s just another day.”  I LOVE this.  It really IS just another day, it doesn’t NEED to be an excuse to eat and ruin your diet.

I love what Jen from Recipes for Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding says…that when people are trying to get you to eat something off plan, its to make THEMSELVES better about the food choices THEY are making.  She has been a “pusher” and so have I.  I know exactly why I want others to eat with me…so that I don’t feel so bad about eating it myself!!  Watching others stay in control during social events when you are off track, or feeling out of control, down right sucks.  It makes you feel BAD.  It really can affect your self-worth.  Bleh.

For me, it was easier to turn down food that was off plan when I was very overweight.  People seemed to understand, and even wanted to help.  They felt I SHOULD avoid these things.  Now that I’m in a much better place, I am told I need to “live a little”.  So I tried that theory.  I tried “living a little” over the summer….just a month or 2 after reaching my goal weight.  I gained 15 lbs.  Seriously.  Just like that.

Why?  Well, I think 1)my body wasn’t ready to be challenged like that.  My body’s comfort level was me as a fat girl.  Not a fit girl.  It’s going to take my body a LONG time to readjust and figure it out.  I can’t splurge like people who’ve been fit a long time.  Their bodies bounce back easier to cheats.  Mine says, mmmmmmm sugar!!!!  Let’s store that as fat so I can be comfortable again!!!!   2) I’m a food addict.  One graham cracker with chocolate will no doubt turn into several days of mindless snacking.  I know I need to keep these things OUT of my body…for now.
How to deal with this?  This is a FANTASTIC list…Print it. Study it.  Frame it 😉 hahahhaha.  Ok, put it in your purse and remember to look it over before a social event.

Here are 11 “nice” ways to say “NO”. 

Are you Paleo?  Here is a post on how to turn down non paleo foods.

How else can you stay on track during social events and holidays?  Be on the lookout for that post soon!

Ready to Change Your Life?

20 Oct

Ready to Change Your Life? – YouTube.

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