Eat Like a Dinosaur – A video preview of the book! – YouTube

6 Oct

I am a true believer in the food-body/health connection.  I believe that while many foods can act as medicine, there are many foods that act as poison.  Why does it seem that cancer, ADD, ADHD, food allergies, digestive syndromes and more, are more common than not?  Is it that we are just more medically advanced and are diagnosing things that weren’t diagnosed in the past?  Or could it be that food is truly hurting us?  I’m not sure.  But if I were to make an opinion, the answer would be it’s a little of both.

So if part of the reason is that our ever increasing processed foods and “frankenfoods” are making us sick, then as a mom of 3 I can’t help but want to change the way I feed my kids.

I have one child with ADHD and asthma.  I have begun reading more and more that diet can play a huge role in symptoms of these ailments/conditions.  And man…I just want to wave a magic wand and presto, puff, he would be embracing of the drastic food changes I would like to instill.

But after reading this, I realized this isn’t going to be an overnight magic show.  So where to start?

I found this book on Amazon.  I plan on buying it.  Starting slow.  Getting my kids (and husband) on board, one meal at a time.


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