11 Nice Ways to Say ‘No’ to Food Pushers

21 Oct

You know how it goes.  You are soooo on track.  You are determined.  You are working toward your goals.  and BOOM, you go to some social event and you’ve got someone who seems like all they want to do is sabotage your efforts.  “You’ve got to live a little”, “can’t eat like that ALL the time”, “once in a while its ok”….well for me guess what, this is my lifestyle.  I eat the way I eat because it makes me feel GOOD.  and “once in a while”….well…think about all of the “special occasions” there are in a year…..gotta draw the line!!  Not every social event is a “special occasion!” My sister in law once said to me “it’s just another day.”  I LOVE this.  It really IS just another day, it doesn’t NEED to be an excuse to eat and ruin your diet.

I love what Jen from Recipes for Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding says…that when people are trying to get you to eat something off plan, its to make THEMSELVES better about the food choices THEY are making.  She has been a “pusher” and so have I.  I know exactly why I want others to eat with me…so that I don’t feel so bad about eating it myself!!  Watching others stay in control during social events when you are off track, or feeling out of control, down right sucks.  It makes you feel BAD.  It really can affect your self-worth.  Bleh.

For me, it was easier to turn down food that was off plan when I was very overweight.  People seemed to understand, and even wanted to help.  They felt I SHOULD avoid these things.  Now that I’m in a much better place, I am told I need to “live a little”.  So I tried that theory.  I tried “living a little” over the summer….just a month or 2 after reaching my goal weight.  I gained 15 lbs.  Seriously.  Just like that.

Why?  Well, I think 1)my body wasn’t ready to be challenged like that.  My body’s comfort level was me as a fat girl.  Not a fit girl.  It’s going to take my body a LONG time to readjust and figure it out.  I can’t splurge like people who’ve been fit a long time.  Their bodies bounce back easier to cheats.  Mine says, mmmmmmm sugar!!!!  Let’s store that as fat so I can be comfortable again!!!!   2) I’m a food addict.  One graham cracker with chocolate will no doubt turn into several days of mindless snacking.  I know I need to keep these things OUT of my body…for now.
How to deal with this?  This is a FANTASTIC list…Print it. Study it.  Frame it 😉 hahahhaha.  Ok, put it in your purse and remember to look it over before a social event.

Here are 11 “nice” ways to say “NO”. 

Are you Paleo?  Here is a post on how to turn down non paleo foods.

How else can you stay on track during social events and holidays?  Be on the lookout for that post soon!


One Response to “11 Nice Ways to Say ‘No’ to Food Pushers”

  1. debbie October 21, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    Nik, I love the seemingly easy ways to “excuse” yourself politely from indulging when we really want to say, “thank you, but no thanks.” Now, if I could only remember them during those special times 🙂 . Love the site, great job!

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