Need an A-Ha Moment?

26 Oct

A friend of mine just messaged me asking for some healthy snack ideas.  I gave her a bunch, including the idea of an apple with some almonds, and her response to me was something like this:  “see when I want to snack, an apple does NOT seem appealing to me!”.  My response to her:  “Then you are not really hungry.”  Period.  End of story.  I encouraged her to think of WHY she wanted to snack.  Was she tired?  Bored?  Anxious? Stressed? Procrastinating?  She replied “YOU ARE GOOD!  I’ve been very emotional this week!”

A lot of time we THINK we are hungry, but it isn’t true hunger.  Give yourself a minute to think about why you want to eat.  If you are TRULY hungry, an apple is going to taste DELICIOUS!

Happy Friday!!


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