ChaLEAN Extreme

What is ChaLEAN Extreme?

This is the program that I would say has had the MOST impact on the change in my body composition.  Watch this video to see a preview.


What is it?

ChaLEAN Extreme® is a body-sculpting program designed to help you lose up
to 60 percent of your body fat in just three months, and see visible results
every 30 days. It uses resistance training to increase lean muscle mass, which
has been proven to burn calories and raise your metabolism. The result is a
lean, firm, well-toned physique.

Why is it so effective?

• Because Muscle Burns Fat®—when you develop lean muscle, you raise your
body’s metabolism, so you’ll burn more fat when you’re working out and even
when you’re not.
• With Chalene Johnson’s Lean Phasing® technique, you advance through
3 phases of training, so even those without experience doing resistance
exercise can achieve a lean, hard physique.
• And breakdown sets allow you to push past failure, stimulating more fatburning
lean muscle with every workout.

How does Chalene’s
Lean Phasing® technique work?

The 15 extreme workouts are broken into
3 phases, so you keep progressing as you
build strength and endurance:
Phase 1: BURN Start lifting weights to
jump-start your metabolism.
Phase 2: PUSH Learn how to lift heavy
to build the muscle and burn more fat.
Phase 3: LEAN Once you’ve built a
foundation, Chalene brings it home with
new routines and dynamic moves that
melt the fat away.
And each phase includes these workouts
for even better results:
Extreme cardio: Chalene ignites your
metabolism further with super-intense
cardio and strength-training routines,
then rejuvenates and lengthens
your muscles with an invigorating
flexibility workout.
Core power: Targeted ab routines let
you tighten and tone your abs for a
rock-hard midsection.

What makes ChaLEAN Extreme unique?

• Cardio-only workouts burn calories while you’re exercising. But ChaLEAN Extreme incorporates resistance training to build lean muscle, so you burn more fat during each workout and supercharge your metabolism throughout the day.
• While gym-based resistance-training workouts often focus on building large muscles, ChaLEAN Extreme gives women a lean, strong, well-defined body, not a big, bulky physique.


Equipment needs:

ChaLEAN Extreme base kit comes with one pro-grade Resistance Band
• Users may want to purchase additional resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, individual 5 to 30-lb. dumbbells (for women) or 12 to 40-lb. dumbbells (for men).  I use Select Tech adjustable dumbbells.  They are pricey, but I was able to score a pair on Amazon on “black friday”.  They were the best investment I’ve ever made. 

Ready to transform you body in 90 days?!  click HERE to try ChaLEAN Extreme yourself!

ChaLEAN Extreme-Push Circuit 1


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