Free Sample

Chocolate Shakeology

Want to try Shakeology before you buy it?

When I was first introduced to Shakeology, I was hesitant to order without trying it first.  I get it.  I never doubted that Shakeology would do amazing things for me, but I wanted to be sure that I would like it first.

Just one sample won’t allow you to experience all of the amazing benefits Shakeology will provide, but if you are serious about trying it for the taste then I would love to send you one to try.  I ask for serious requests only because the cost for the sample is from my own pocket.

Here’s how to get a free sample:

1.  Join Team Beachbody as a free customer.  You can do that HERE! and make me your free COACH!  If you already have an account please contact your coach for a sample.

2.  Complete the form below so I can ship the sample to you.  Please choose between CHOCOLATE, VEGAN CHOCOLATE and VEGAN TROPICAL STRAWBERRY.  I will ship out your sample ASAP!

If you are serious about getting started on Shakeology and would prefer to just order now, click here.  If you decide its not for you, you can return your bag (even if its empty) for a full refund less shipping.


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