Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is:

Not just a cleanse or a detox, though you will certainly experience those benefits in a gentle, no-starvation way.  (yes you will eat…delicious food!  and no you will not need to live in the bathroom…you can go on with your normal every day life!)

If you feel this way, you need the Ultimate Reset:

  • trouble losing weight
  • sluggish
  • worn out
  • run down
  • decline in your performance in any aspect of your life
  • uncontrollable food cravings
  • trouble with digestion
  • tired

With the Ultimate Reset you will:

  • replace processed foods with clean foods
  • take supplements to help your body remove the toxins from the cells and organs
  • reset, renew and restore your body in 21 days
  • adjust your behavior so you don’t have the same food cravings
  • cleanse the organs
  • revitalize your energy
  • get healthier
  • slowly eliminate the things that are toxic to your body
  • eat delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • In 21 days you will have more energy, better digestion, clearer skin and better nutrient absorption.

“It’s about feeling good. An internal makeover. An inner body tune up.

There are 3 Phases:

Week One—Reclaim

  • Reclaim your body
  • Prepare your body for change
  • Slowly remove foods that can place stress on your digestive system
  • reduce cravings and dependencies on sugar and caffeine

Week Two—Release

  • reversing effects of poor habits, unhealthy food, and environmental toxins
  • reduce bloating and indigestion as the GI tract is gently cleansed
  • Release toxic compounds that can clog your cells that are blocking proper nutrient absorption
  • Transition to a full vegetarian diet

Week 3—Restore

  • Restore your metabolism to its maximum efficiency
  • profound change in your mood and energy level
  • During the final week, you’ll eat foods of high-nutritional value whose nutrients are easily absorbed and return healthy bacteria to your freshly scrubbed digestive tract with pre- and probiotics.If you feel like this is for you and want to experience the Ultimate Reset for yourself, click here.  Please make note that you will want to purchase on HD (home direct) which gives you free shipping and the option of continuing some of the supplements.  The supplements will automatically be shipped monthly, but at any point in time you may cancel the order. At least it will be set up for you if you decide that you want to continue with the great effects they are providing.  

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more.

My Ultimate Reset Experience:

So many delicious foods! I still use the Ultimate Reset cookbook today. Lost 9 lbs in 21 days.


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